Seeing Matters In Different Light

Since Edison introduced us to the 1st electric lamp in 1879, we’ve observed everything at the exact same Soft White color temperature, measured at 2700K (Degrees Kelvin). The lighting has contributed a glow for over 130 decades, which makes that the moment is felt cozy and warm by the colors within our homes.
While this could be fine in areas and bedrooms, how about chambers? It is much better to own truer lights using a general flatter sense that’s such as using makeup preparing food and performing repairs.
In a selection of color temperatures, lighting bulbs arrive with the technology of CFLs and G9 LEDs, providing choices to select from when light the rooms.

Color Temperature’s Assortment

The 3 main kinds of color temperature to bulbs include Soft White (2700K — 3000K), Intelligent White/Cool White (3500K — 4100K), along with daylight (5000K — 6500K).
The greater the skinnier the color temperature, the Degrees Kelvin. Even though the thinner lights will probably be”brighter” than the ones with a diminished Kelvin hearing, the sum of Lumens (dimension for brightness) doesn’t change, and also authentic brightness isn’t influenced.
Kitchen 5000K, Color Comparison 2700K Compared to day-light
It won’t signify they are the best choice for many lighting applications even though our eyes have adjusted for the soft white color temperature of bulbs through time. As an instance, as a result of these warmer color temperatures, such light white lights frequently yank warmer colors by a space (oranges, reds, etc.), shifting the contrasts all through space. Here are a few tips on how best to lighting the chambers within your house


Most useful for areas and bedrooms; providing a hot feel.
Most useful in grills, baths or kitchens; giving chairs a skinnier texture.


Most useful in kitchens, baths, and basements; good for complex jobs reading, or employing cosmetics — supplies the contrast in colors.
2700K, Soft White, is a yellow light that is gentle; little thinner than tender Day-light, Cool White, 4100K, 5000-6500K whitish mild, looks noon on a time.

CRI or Color Rendering Index

The CRI is that the step of this skill of a source of light to replicate colors of varied objects in comparison with a perfect source of light like incandescent (simply as it’s exactly what our eyes have been used to) or lighting. The scale is out of 0-100, and the ones bulbs with a closer to 100 possess the capacity showing warmer colors. It is necessary to think about several software, but not for everybody. Therefore that colors appear as they are, it’s extremely significant in a shop to get lights using a CRI. Where as in a mill (CRIs frequently at the 70s or even 80s), or using street lamps (CRIs from the 30s or even 40s), color accuracy isn’t quite as vital as the total level of light lamp or produced price.
The choice is your decision personally; all these are a few hints. The idea is that there has an of alternatives to select from, which means it’s possible to make the appearance and feel that you wish to have every area. Take pleasure in it, and drop from a Batteries Plus Bulbs to find out more. Our partners are likely to be eager to direct you through our variety of  G9 LED bulbs along with energy-efficient CFL! So check out the Best g9 Led Bulb Daylight Review to pick up less that will suit your needs!


14 of the best online furniture shops to suit every budget

Compared to fashion, furniture retail has been relatively slow to move online. Now though, we’re getting more comfortable with the idea of making big purchases from internet-only stores, thanks to free delivery, hassle-free returns and greater affordability.

With few bricks-and-mortar stores, or none at all, lots of retailers have moved quickly to bridge the gap between cheap mass-produced furniture and the completely bespoke, offering greater choice for a range of tastes and budgets.

The French catalogue retailer is better known for fashion, but its furniture range is stylish and affordable too. Most of the designs are practical rather than trend-led, with clean lines and minimal details. Think Ikea or Habitat, but with the knowledge that you won’t be seeing this furniture in all your friends’ homes too.

The AM.PM brand has some excellent basics that look far pricier than they are. Look out for La Redoute’s regular sales and special discount events, if you’re planning a purchase.

If you love the look of modern Scandinavian or Italian furniture but lack the budget, is your answer. Designs are minimal and style-focused, following trends in colour and material seen on higher-end brands at the annual furniture fair in Milan.

The pieces are usually compact and good on storage, aimed towards those living in small urban spaces. Be quick if you have your eye on something, this site changes fast with only its bestsellers staying available for longer periods.

With a fresh approach to traditional furniture, and affordable prices to boot, it’s easy to see why The Cotswold Company is so popular across generations. Oak and pine furniture is the focus, and many ranges have painted finishes in colours like pale grey and dark blue, which nod to English heritage and contemporary taste.

There are currently four UK showrooms if you want to try before you buy, but with free delivery and easy returns, buying from the site is easy too.

This French furniture brand has been going from strength to strength since 1996. It does have several European bricks-and-mortar stores, but in the UK we know it best through its bright and easy-to-use website.

The site has an impressive amount of choice across several styles, from worldly bohemian to mid-century modern, with classic French antique style in-between. Its collections are seasonal and extend to outdoor, junior and even a pet range, as well as home.

If – and it’s a big “if” – you have the time and patience, Gumtree can be a great source for characterful second-hand furniture. It’s also pretty useful if you need to fill a new home fast. Search “vintage” or “antique” to skip the usual half-collapsed Ikea stuff and find something unique.

Unlike eBay, there’s no getting sucked into endless bidding, and you can chat safely with the seller to ask questions before you buy. It’s a sustainable way of shopping, too – helping you find furniture in your local area and avoiding unwanted items going to waste.

Interior designers love Rockett St George for its eclectic collection of furniture and homeware. It’s the place to find individual pieces without having to trawl through flea markets and boutiques for just the right thing.

This passion project of a site has a kind of hard rock-industrial theme – expect lots of aged metal and brass, leather finishes and the odd bit of snakeskin upholstery. Since it’s such an unusual mix, the site’s lifestyle photography really helps you visualise the items in your own home.


The 5 (real) Best Garden Sheds 2019 – Comparison

After several hours of research and in-depth examination of 30 models currently on the market, we have selected the 5 best garden sheds. Among these, our preference goes to the Suncast SUWG8700.

It is a model that is both aesthetic and durable. It offers a beautiful surface of 5.53 m² and very resistant walls 35 mm thick. It is also equipped with two fixed windows and a double glass door.

Best inexpensive Best mid-range Best high-end Home and Garden Metal Rosas Suncast SUWG8700 Gardy Shelter With its 3.5 m², this shelter offers sufficient storage space to store a few tools. Its big plus is its resistance to UV and rust. And for its pretty design it is offered at a very affordable price. This 5.53 m² resin shelter has a double glass door and two light sources. The walls are very weather resistant thanks to their thickness of 35mm. This solid wood model is as spacious (12 m²) as it is warm. Its dimensions allow it to be converted into a living room. The wood is treated and stained brown for a very aesthetic result. € 298.00 € 1,391.00 € 1,749.00 See on Darty See on ManoMano See on ManoMano

Why trust us

The Selectos editorial team spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing and comparing products in order to find those that offer the best value for money.

None of our articles are sponsored. We sometimes receive a commission when you buy a product via our links, which allows us to finance our work while remaining completely impartial. Find out more.

A garden shed can have different uses. Originally, it was a room with a purely practical vocation, intended for the storage of tools and garden furniture. From now on, it is also an element of decoration which enters into the composition of the garden. It is even possible to divert it, by fitting it out, for example, in a DIY workshop. However, it is important to invest in a sustainable model and learn about the different features offered.

To facilitate your choice, we have brought together all the important aspects to consider before purchasing:

Area: the choice of area depends on both the space you have and the use to which you dedicate your shelter. To store your small tools, a mower or bikes, a compact model of 3 to 5 m² is sufficient. To store your garden furniture or arrange a space dedicated to DIY, opt instead for a model of 5 to 10 m². To arrange a living room, however, count more than 10 m².

Materials: they are often made of alloy or different materials combined. There are still three main materials: metal (robust and easy to maintain), wood (elegant, natural and very robust, it is also a good thermal and sound insulator, but an annual treatment must be provided to guarantee its shine and protect it from insects and fungi) and resin (it requires no treatment and is quite robust).

The configuration: a garden shed can take different forms. The chalet form – with a double-pitched roof – is very widespread. The single slope models are most often reserved for garden sheds leaning against the facade. Now there are very design variants with flat roofs. Whether traditional or contemporary, the garden shed can be fitted with an awning, to provide additional storage space or to serve as a terrace.

Design: if you opt for a compact model, leaning against the facade or more or less concealed in the garden, the functional character can take precedence over the aesthetic. On the other hand, if you want to install a large model and / or if it must be visible, the aesthetic aspect should not be overlooked. The traditional chalet shape, for example, is quite versatile. This type of wooden house will harmonize particularly well with rustic architecture.

Accessories and fittings: some garden sheds are fitted with ventilation. If so, it may be a good idea to install one, especially if you plan to store your outdoor furniture there. In a space of 5 to 10 m², it is possible to install storage and a worktop. Below 5 m², the ideal is to be able to exploit the wall surface by installing shelves, but you must then bet on fairly robust walls.

The legal aspect: before any investment, also take the time to learn about it. Depending on the city you live in and the configuration of your property, you must respect certain constraints: surface area, distance between the fence and your shelter, etc.

The configuration and quality of the joinery are crucial criteria for choosing a garden shed:

The door: single or double, it can also be sliding or hinged. It is important that you can easily get in and out of the equipment stored in your shelter. Do not neglect the height either. It’s best not to have to bend over every time you need to get inside! If your shelter does not have windows and skylights, opt for doors with integrated glazing, which will allow some light to pass through.

Locksmithing: in the absence of a key lock, many models offer you the possibility of installing a padlock. Take the time to review the quality of the locksmiths provided. You must be able to secure your shelter, not only to protect yourself from possible burglary, but also to avoid any domestic incident if you store dangerous tools or toxic products.

Windows: they bring a beautiful light and contribute to the ventilation of your shelter. They are almost essential if you want to set up a workshop or a living space in your shelter.

Skylights: they provide additional light, and they avoid the unpleasant feeling of suffocation in a small space. Depending on the configuration of your shelter, they are an alternative to windows.

The floor: if you have to store heavy tools – for example a mower – it is essential that your shelter is equipped with a robust floor. During installation, do not hesitate to install a tarpaulin between the slab and the base of your shelter: this will protect the floor from the ravages of humidity, thus ensuring a much better lifespan.

Based on these characteristics, we selected 10 relevant models out of the 30 that we had pre-selected. To decide between them, we studied various specialized sites, as well as many user reviews.

This research allows us to present 5 quality models that will suit different uses and budgets.

The best cheap garden sheds

Inexpensive garden sheds often cover a small area. Their main weakness lies in the average quality of the materials. The design and finishes are also often coarse, and not necessarily treated to resist UV.

It is therefore difficult to find a functional, aesthetic and inexpensive garden shed, but it is not impossible, as the selected model shows you.

Home and Garden Metal Rosas: the best cheap

Price € 298.00 View on Darty

Advantages Affordable price Nice design Easy maintenance Anti-UV and anti-rust treatment Disadvantages Light structure Medium tightness

Habitat & Jardin is a French brand well known to gardening enthusiasts. His specialty: outdoor landscaping, from the swimming pool to the garden furniture. The brand offers a wide choice of very good quality products at low prices. The Rosas garden shed is a functional and quite aesthetic model.

It combines a low price and a neat design. Made of steel and a zinc structure, it has the advantage of being two-tone, which gives it a little lightness. With colors and a go-anywhere style, it will easily find its place in the garden, whatever the architectural style of your home.

However, this model remains fairly light and its anchor kit will quickly be exceeded. It is therefore better to anticipate and plan for a solid wooden or concrete base.

The assembly is not particularly complicated (as long as the instructions are very clear), but it is essential to work in pairs and to be patient. Once installed, it has a surface of just over 3.5 m².

The ridge is reasonable (1.95 m). But, even if they offer a nice width, the two sliding doors are quite low (just under 1.65 m). Large people will therefore have to get used to doing some contortions to get in and out of the shelter.

Please note: the shelter lock does not lock. Take care, therefore, when storing. If you have children and want to store potentially dangerous tools or toxic products, plan to buy a padlock independently so that you can secure it.

If the walls remain a bit fragile, the Rosas shelter is properly treated (anti-UV and anti-rust) and easy to maintain. Even if it’s not the most durable model, it seems capable of withstanding corrosion and weathering for several seasons (provided, once again, that it is anchored).

In conclusion, if you want a garden shed that is not too expensive but of good quality, we recommend Habitat & Jardin Metal Rosas. It is treated against UV, rust and offers a small practical storage space in a small garden. In addition, it is available in several sizes (this one being the smallest).

The best mid-range garden sheds

Designed in quality materials, the garden sheds in this section benefit from an elegant design and beautiful finishes. Resistant, they also guarantee good resistance to bad weather.

Suncast SUWG8700: the best mid-range

Price € 1,391.00 View on ManoMano

Advantages Nice design Ultra resistant 2 skylights and double glass door 10 years warranty Disadvantages Few shelves supplied

Suncast is an American manufacturer known for the quality and reliability of its products. Its trademark: double resin walls, which give remarkable resistance to its garden sheds. With this model, the brand signs a new very successful opus, compact but ultra-functional.

The Suncast SUWG8700 requires two people to install, but mounting presents no particular difficulties. The ideal is to provide a small concrete slab (or at least a perfectly flat location) beforehand.

A very significant first point is the fact that it is equipped with two skylights, and that the double door is equipped with integrated glazing. The whole locksmith is also of very high quality.

Made of PVC, it has a reinforced floor allowing to store fairly heavy equipment without worry. The pitched roof (for good evacuation of water and snow) has reinforcements and metal beams, in black epoxy. From wood-like grooves on the body of the shelter to the slate-like roof passing through the interior beams, we note with pleasure the care given to the finishes.

This Suncast shelter is a fairly compact model which offers 5.53 m² (floor of 2.55 x 2.17 x 2.61 m) of surface (other dimensions are available, however). There are no less remarkable qualities, starting with good weather resistance. This garden shed, with its 35 mm thick walls, withstands heat, snow and wind (up to 120 km / h).

On the practical side, it is easy to optimize space by accessorizing the shelter of corner and / or wall shelves. The ManoMano site specifies that all Woodgrain shelters are also delivered with a shelf set REF SUA1S.

This model has wide and high hinged doors (1.52 m wide and 1.83 m high). The height under the ridge is also very comfortable. Bright and spacious, it allows you to enjoy a pleasant freedom of movement.

If you only have a small space, but you are looking for a durable, aesthetic and practical shelter at the same time, this small shelter is undoubtedly an excellent choice. We just regret that it doesn’t come with more shelves.

Landmark Lifetime 60057: the mid-range alternative

Price € 910.00 View on ManoMano

Advantages Easy to assemble Aesthetics Very resistant 10 years warranty Disadvantages Small space Only one skylight

The Lifetime brand was created in 1986 by Berry Mower who wanted to make the best sneaker panels for his children at the outset. Then, he extended his research to offer consumers products with the best possible quality / price ratio for everyday life and leisure.

The Landmark garden shed is made of PVC and covers an overall area of ​​2.92 m². The useful surface is 2.56 m². It is appreciated by users because it is aesthetic and easy to assemble, and it offers sufficient storage space for gardening equipment.

This garden shed is made of high density polyethylene reinforced by a stainless steel frame. Very resistant, it is suitable for seaside or mountain climates. Another advantage that must also be emphasized is that it does not require any maintenance (rot-proof shelter).

The assembly is done by panels to be assembled. However, it takes a few hours of work if there are two of you. But according to users, the assembly instructions are very well explained.

The almond beige and dark brown concrete slab is 2.07 x 1.36 m. The door measures 1.92 x 1.38 m and has rings for the exterior padlock (two locks are present inside). The walls are 23 mm thick.

However, this shelter has only one skylight along the length of the ridge.

In the end, this model will suit people who are looking for a small, resistant storage space to store a few tools or use it as technical room (for a swimming pool, for example). This shelter, made of solid materials, is also guaranteed for 10 years.

The best high-end garden sheds

The high-end garden sheds are made of premium materials – solid wood or composite – which make them real small extensions of houses. Waterproof and often well insulated, they can in fact serve as conventional storage space or be converted into living space.

It is therefore recommended to choose their location carefully because it will probably be final. From an aesthetic point of view, these shelters display a worked design and neat finishes.

Gardy Shelter: the best high-end

Price € 1,749.00 View on ManoMano

Advantages Warm design Very beautiful finishes Good sealing and good insulation FSC certified solid spruce wood Disadvantages Quite heavy solid wood

Gary Shelter is a manufacturer of garden items that works more specifically with solid wood. The brand produces shelters of impeccable quality, most of which are so warm and bright that they readily turn into living rooms.

This is the case of this very beautiful model, which can serve as storage space, extra bedroom or winter living room. It is made of solid spruce wood, FSC certified.

The Gary Shelter garden shed has all the characteristics of a real little house: walls 28 mm thick and 198 cm high, large double-door carpenter, opening glass window.

We note with pleasure the care given to the finishes, and a small appreciable detail: the door equipped with a key lock in order to secure access. With its 12 m² surface area and its beautiful light, the Gary Shelder garden shed naturally offers you plenty of storage space. It can also be used as a real house extension: workshop, office, winter lounge or a small extra bedroom …

Like any solid wood structure, it weighs its weight. It is therefore difficult to install. After this stage, it benefits from a remarkable solidity and a very beautiful look. It is above all spacious and versatile. All of which make it one of the most beautiful models currently available on the market.

The wood being treated (fungicide and insecticide), you will not have to deal with this task and you can directly benefit from it after installation.

In conclusion, this model is ideal if you are looking for a comfortable surface to store tools or set up a workshop, a relaxation area, etc. Made of solid wood (treated and stained), it is resistant and durable. However, if solid wood is robust and warm, it is also very heavy. It is therefore better to plan to work in pairs (or even three).

Green Outside Pool House: the high-end alternative

Price € 4,890.00 View on ManoMano

Advantages Contemporary design Modular awning High-end materials 7 years warranty Disadvantages High price Approximate pre-drilling

Green Outside is a French company specializing in outdoor design. One of its hallmarks is the choice of materials.

The brand uses materials that resist both weather and the passage of time. With its original awning space and flat roof, it sports a very successful contemporary design.

It is designed to be installed on a concrete slab. A priori, the assembly should be simple. However, it has a rather surprising defect: its pre-drilling is sometimes approximate. Its installation can therefore be a little tricky for neophytes. Good DIYers, on the other hand, will do without difficulty.

The PoolHouse enclosure is made of composite and aluminum. It therefore withstands bad weather, insects and fungi. This model is quite flexible, since the awning can be installed either on the right or on the left.

This model occupies a total surface of 18.5 m² (16 m² of floor space, including 7.2 m² of interior surface). It offers you a high ceiling height (2.5 m) and it has a double door with integrated glazing. Only the absence of a window for brightness can be lacking …

The shelter itself can act as a classic storage space or technical room for the pool. The awning can be used as a terrace or as a traditional shelter.

In the end, the PoolHouse benefits from great versatility with its two separate spaces. Despite small flaws, this garden shed is as robust as it is elegant. Lovers of contemporary design will certainly appreciate it, especially since it offers many possibilities of development.

Honorable mentions

Manor Premium 46 SP shelter – 2.5 m²: if you are looking for a small shelter to store your garden furniture or a few tools, this anthracite gray Premium 46 SP resin model can be a useful equipment. It is aesthetic, practical and compact at the same time. It is also treated against UV. Although it is much cheaper than the Landmark Lifetime 60057, we preferred the latter which is more solid.

Duramax DUAE86PR: it offers a nice storage space of 4.75 m² (2.61 x 1.82 m). Its total height is 2.05 m and the height of the walls is 1.67 m. It is a shelter that is resistant to corrosion, weathering and requires little maintenance. It is equipped with a double sliding door (1.65 x 1.06 m) with handles included. However, editing requires patience and the help of one or two people.

La Maison du Jardin Factor Sydney 811 – 8.5 m²: this shelter offers ideal storage space for storing a lawnmower, tools or a barbecue. It requires no maintenance and is treated against UV and rust. Its overall dimensions are 256.5 x 332 x 243 cm (W x D x H). For the assembly, allow about 6 hours if there are two of you.

Grosfillex 5 m² gray-blue PVC “Deco” Garden shed: Grosfillex is a family group of international influence, established for 90 years in Oyonnax, in the heart of Haut-Bugey, in the Rhône-Alpes region. Available in three colors, this garden shed is designed for storage as well as for leisure. It is UV and weather resistant. However, we did not include it in our selection because we lack user feedback on this product. It should also be noted that the anchor kit is not supplied.

In conclusion, which garden shed should you choose?

We highly recommend the Suncast SUWG8700 to people looking for a compact, durable and aesthetic space. Made of PVC, it offers all the qualities that one would expect from a storage shelter: good solidity, with a storage surface that can even be accessorized.

For an affordable shelter, we recommend Habitat et Jardin Metal Rosas for easy maintenance. With an area of ​​3.5 m² and its air of a small chalet, you can take advantage of the space necessary to store your equipment.

If you are looking for a large storage space, opt instead for the Gardy Shelter which is already treated and tinted. Made of solid spruce, it is particularly resistant and aesthetic. It has a double door and an opening window so that you can ventilate your shelter and enjoy the beautiful light.


Windows and French windows: 5 tips for making the right choice

What type of glazing, what material and what opening system to choose when buying windows and French doors? How to choose the right company? How to lower the bill? Back to the main questions to ask when choosing new carpentry.

Windows and French windows: choose the right material

Choosing or changing your windows and French windows requires thought. Indeed, this change has an impact on the brightness, style, comfort and insulation of the home. When changing a window or French window, the question arises of the material: wood, PVC, aluminum or mixed. Wood joinery easily adapts to the traditional style of a house, thanks to their warm style, and offers one of the most effective solutions in terms of insulation. However wooden windows and French windows require a complete maintenance every 6 to 8 years, an aspect to take into account. PVC windows and patio doors require no maintenance other than a simple surface cleaning with a damp cloth. In addition, PVC joinery is resistant and increasingly thin and discreet. Interesting decorative advantage: PVC joinery is available in many colors, to blend perfectly with the decor style. For lovers of design architecture, aluminum joinery, ultra-thin and resistant, is particularly suitable for large bay windows. Even if aluminum is not a good insulator, thermal break systems can optimize the thermal insulation of these models. Finally, mixed windows, combining two materials inside and outside, allow the aesthetic appearance of wood to be obtained with the qualities of PVC or aluminum.

For more information, read: Choose your windows: wood, aluminum or PVC?

Estimate the price of windows with: Window price guide

Windows and French windows: choosing the right glazing

When choosing windows and French windows or bay windows, there is also the question of glazing. For good thermal insulation, double glazing remains the norm. It should be noted that triple glazing is increasingly being considered to improve the insulation of the house. When choosing between double and triple glazing, be careful: the choice of your glazing will depend on the solar gain from your window and the real needs for insulation. There is no need to invest in triple glazing, which offers relatively heavy windows and French windows, if the idea is to favor acoustic insulation or take advantage of passive heating by radiation of light in winter. On these specific points the double glazing will be more efficient and sufficient. To improve acoustic comfort, manufacturers of windows and French windows have also developed specific glazing composed of two glasses of different thickness. Finally think about thermal comfort: in a room facing south, solar control glazing brings real well-being. The latter will block up to 80% of solar emissions.

For more information, see our article “Window replacement: double or triple glazing?”

Windows and French doors: choosing the right opening system

Another essential question when fitting out windows and French doors: which opening system to choose? The so-called “French” opening system, with doors opening inwards, is still the norm. The ventilation of the room is then maximum and the windows and French windows are easy to clean, which makes it a system suitable for most rooms. This type of opening can be completed by a tilting opening: a tilt-and-turn window. This system allows it to be left open at night or in the absence of the occupants. Other opening systems exist. The sliding or pocket opening, which is becoming more and more popular, especially for bay windows, ensures that the opening is “large” without having to move a single object. It offers space savings and exceptional opening possibilities, ideal for removing the boundaries between inside and outside. To choose the right type of window or window opening, take into account the space and the environment of each of your windows. Each window must be understood as a unique element.

To find out more, read: What opening system for my windows?

Estimate the price of your windows with: Window price guide

Windows and French doors: choosing the right company

Apart from the choice of windows and French windows proper, there is the question of the company that will come to install them. Note that the latter is essential and that this choice cannot be improvised at the risk of ending up with non-waterproof joinery. To properly choose your window installation professional, an online quote is a first approach to the budget required to carry out the work. But later, a visit to a building company allows you to refine the project and get professional advice, especially to harmonize the openings with the style of the house. To choose the right company for the supply and installation of windows and French windows, word of mouth remains a good technique. You will also need to make sure that the company does have decennial and civil liability insurance. Being approved by the manufacturer of locking systems and / or being Qualibat certified is an additional guarantee. Finally, for the individual to benefit from aid for energy renovation, the installer must hold an RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) certification.

For more information, read: Installing a window: how to choose your craftsman?

Windows and French doors: lower the bill

Comparing the quotes naturally lowers the bill. However, do not forget to compare offers with identical services (purchase and installation, materials, etc.). To amortize your work of replacement or installation of French windows and windows, State aid exists: Reduced rate VAT ( 5.5%), tax credit, premium.


Which professional crepe maker to choose?

You are crepe makers, fixed or itinerant, master crepe makers or novices, or quite simply a demanding individual and you want to buy a the best commercial crepe maker. This buying guide answers all your questions and will help you buy the crepe maker that suits your needs.

Which supply to choose between gas or electric? Depending on your speed, opt for a single or double crepe maker. Did you know that the type of cast iron on your plate will also determine your choice?


GAS CREPPER: They have the advantage of operating autonomously as soon as they are connected to a town gas or cylinder gas supply. It is mainly for this reason that this type of material is acclaimed by itinerant crêpe makers. Ideal for mobile use

Suitable for intensive use: allows you to save energy

: allows you to make M ontée in very fast temperature

Very precise control of your cooking This control of gas cooking is often preferred to electricity in the restaurant sector. Remember to check the safety standards in place for indoor use. Indeed in some places the gas crepe makers can be subjected to specific regulations (village hall, salons …). Discover our gas crepe makers ELECTRIC crepe maker: Easy installation: a simple plug may be enough

: a simple plug may be enough Easy to transport

Suitable for non-professional use for certain demanding individuals For this type of crêpe maker, it will simply pay attention to the electrical protections and check that they are adapted to the power of the chosen device and make sure to have a supply in line with the power of your device. Attention to the voltage of the device, some machines can have up to 6 kW of power, the three-phase is not necessarily suitable for an electrical configuration of a private individual.

Discover our electric crepe makers

Our selection of gas crepe makers:

Our selection of electric crepe makers:

microgrooved cast iron, classic cast iron or smooth cast iron? THE SMOOTH CAST IRON Ideal for intensive use, the cast iron crepe makers require a seasoning before the first use. Use the wiping pad (lightly greased) between each of your pancakes. For maintenance, clean the hob with the wiping pad and a sponge on the chassis. Professional crepe makers with smooth cast iron KNOW: What is the cap? Before first use, the machined cast iron plates need a preparation called the cap. This consists of applying several thin layers of oil successively at regular time intervals. This will set up the surface treatment which will facilitate the detachment of the pancakes. THE MICRO-BROWN CAST IRON The micro-grooved cast iron plate will allow energy savings thanks to the concentration of heat on the plate. This type of cast iron will give an “air cushion effect” which will allow a non-stick effect. Grinding is not necessary with this type of cast iron. Just put an absorbent cloth with a little fat on the plate before your first pancake. For maintenance, the use of a sponge will be sufficient to clean the hob and the chassis. Professional crepe makers with micro-grooved cast iron LA FONTE CLASSIQUE Classic cast iron plates are an excellent alternative to smooth and micro-grooved cast iron plates. They have the advantage of being much more economical to buy compared to other types of plates. Professional classic crepe makers

crepe maker with round frame or crepe maker with rectangular frame? RECTANGULAR (OR SQUARE) CHASSIS Crepe makers equipped with a rectangular (or square) frame allow space optimization, which is ideal in kitchens where space is limited. They store very easily and allow the juxtaposition which is perfect not to lose space. Easier to clean, the rentangular frame will prevent the dough from falling on your work surface and reduces the risk of damaging your buttons. ROUND CHASSIS They are very practical when you use your appliance on a support which is not fixed (like a trolley for example). The round frames are perfectly suited to street vendors. Much lighter than square frame models, they are much easier to transport.

double or single crepe maker? Your choice will be based on your hourly speed. You should know that the average yield is about 35 pancakes per plate per hour. Note that a double crepe maker will give you more flexibility. This will allow you to adapt your production according to the crowds and to use only one of the two plates.

What plate diameter should you choose for your crêpe maker? The majority of professional crepe makers have plates with a diameter of 35 or 40 cm. In general, devices with a diameter of 35 cm are used for sweet pancakes. The 40 cm models are more used for salty because they allow more filling of the pancakes. You can very well serve savory pancakes of 35 cm and vice versa. For gourmets there are also models with a diameter of 48 cm. Pancakes 35 cm in diameter are more often prepared for use in restaurants, while those 40 cm in diameter are more often used for take-out. The choice of the diameter of your professional crepe maker will mainly be made according to your desires and your needs. Before buying, remember to ask yourself the right questions, what size of pancakes do you want, the energy you want, the materials …

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MAINTENANCE TIPS: If your device is not going to be used for a long time, make sure to store it in a dry place and avoid conversing it in an area where there is too much humidity. Between each use and to store your device in the best conditions, remember to always grease your plate. This will prevent pitting (the appearance of rust spots).

You now know the essential points to take into account before choosing your professional crepe maker. We hope this guide has helped you in your choice. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form. We will not fail to answer you.

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