Which professional crepe maker to choose?

You are crepe makers, fixed or itinerant, master crepe makers or novices, or quite simply a demanding individual and you want to buy a the best commercial crepe maker. This buying guide answers all your questions and will help you buy the crepe maker that suits your needs.

Which supply to choose between gas or electric? Depending on your speed, opt for a single or double crepe maker. Did you know that the type of cast iron on your plate will also determine your choice?


GAS CREPPER: They have the advantage of operating autonomously as soon as they are connected to a town gas or cylinder gas supply. It is mainly for this reason that this type of material is acclaimed by itinerant crêpe makers. Ideal for mobile use

Suitable for intensive use: allows you to save energy

: allows you to make M ontée in very fast temperature

Very precise control of your cooking This control of gas cooking is often preferred to electricity in the restaurant sector. Remember to check the safety standards in place for indoor use. Indeed in some places the gas crepe makers can be subjected to specific regulations (village hall, salons …). Discover our gas crepe makers ELECTRIC crepe maker: Easy installation: a simple plug may be enough

: a simple plug may be enough Easy to transport

Suitable for non-professional use for certain demanding individuals For this type of crêpe maker, it will simply pay attention to the electrical protections and check that they are adapted to the power of the chosen device and make sure to have a supply in line with the power of your device. Attention to the voltage of the device, some machines can have up to 6 kW of power, the three-phase is not necessarily suitable for an electrical configuration of a private individual.

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microgrooved cast iron, classic cast iron or smooth cast iron? THE SMOOTH CAST IRON Ideal for intensive use, the cast iron crepe makers require a seasoning before the first use. Use the wiping pad (lightly greased) between each of your pancakes. For maintenance, clean the hob with the wiping pad and a sponge on the chassis. Professional crepe makers with smooth cast iron KNOW: What is the cap? Before first use, the machined cast iron plates need a preparation called the cap. This consists of applying several thin layers of oil successively at regular time intervals. This will set up the surface treatment which will facilitate the detachment of the pancakes. THE MICRO-BROWN CAST IRON The micro-grooved cast iron plate will allow energy savings thanks to the concentration of heat on the plate. This type of cast iron will give an “air cushion effect” which will allow a non-stick effect. Grinding is not necessary with this type of cast iron. Just put an absorbent cloth with a little fat on the plate before your first pancake. For maintenance, the use of a sponge will be sufficient to clean the hob and the chassis. Professional crepe makers with micro-grooved cast iron LA FONTE CLASSIQUE Classic cast iron plates are an excellent alternative to smooth and micro-grooved cast iron plates. They have the advantage of being much more economical to buy compared to other types of plates. Professional classic crepe makers

crepe maker with round frame or crepe maker with rectangular frame? RECTANGULAR (OR SQUARE) CHASSIS Crepe makers equipped with a rectangular (or square) frame allow space optimization, which is ideal in kitchens where space is limited. They store very easily and allow the juxtaposition which is perfect not to lose space. Easier to clean, the rentangular frame will prevent the dough from falling on your work surface and reduces the risk of damaging your buttons. ROUND CHASSIS They are very practical when you use your appliance on a support which is not fixed (like a trolley for example). The round frames are perfectly suited to street vendors. Much lighter than square frame models, they are much easier to transport.

double or single crepe maker? Your choice will be based on your hourly speed. You should know that the average yield is about 35 pancakes per plate per hour. Note that a double crepe maker will give you more flexibility. This will allow you to adapt your production according to the crowds and to use only one of the two plates.

What plate diameter should you choose for your crêpe maker? The majority of professional crepe makers have plates with a diameter of 35 or 40 cm. In general, devices with a diameter of 35 cm are used for sweet pancakes. The 40 cm models are more used for salty because they allow more filling of the pancakes. You can very well serve savory pancakes of 35 cm and vice versa. For gourmets there are also models with a diameter of 48 cm. Pancakes 35 cm in diameter are more often prepared for use in restaurants, while those 40 cm in diameter are more often used for take-out. The choice of the diameter of your professional crepe maker will mainly be made according to your desires and your needs. Before buying, remember to ask yourself the right questions, what size of pancakes do you want, the energy you want, the materials …

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MAINTENANCE TIPS: If your device is not going to be used for a long time, make sure to store it in a dry place and avoid conversing it in an area where there is too much humidity. Between each use and to store your device in the best conditions, remember to always grease your plate. This will prevent pitting (the appearance of rust spots).

You now know the essential points to take into account before choosing your professional crepe maker. We hope this guide has helped you in your choice. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form. We will not fail to answer you.

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