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For the first-time shaver, here are the steps required to turn your hairy head into a smooth scalp. Shaving the back of your head might seem awkward at first and that’s because it is. The best way to deal with black mold in the shower is to prevent it in the first place. Check out a handful of our recommended shower heads at the bottom of this page, all selected for their innovative easy clean features. If you tend to suffer from razor bumps, check out this article on razor bumps for information and suggestions. If you have coarse or curly hair, you should take extra care while shaving, because you are more likely to get razor bumps or ingrown hair. Being wet and soft reduces the chance that you’ll suffer from razor bumps or ingrown hairs. If it isn’t becoming a paste and remaining powdery, then you’ll need to add more water.

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Alcohol dries out the skin, and this is the last thing you need after shaving. If you prepare for shaving properly, there shouldn’t be much irritation, and you probably won’t need aftershave. Since it is so fast acting, the instructions state you shouldn’t let it sit or submerge anything in it for more than 2 minutes. Let sit for 24 hours to thoroughly combine. Let everything dry completely before using. Using an old toothbrush, scrub away any remaining residue, then rinse with hot water and dry. Then take an old toothbrush and gently scrub around the holes to remove any remaining mineral deposits. After the time has passed scrub the area again and rinse. This gives the shaving cream more time to soften coarse hair and provides a much more comfortable shave. Shaving against the grain produces the closest results. Shaving with the grain produces the least irritation. Shave with the grain and don’t make more than two passes over the same area, and be sure your hair is very wet when you start shaving.

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There’s nothing worse than dealing with water spots all over your pretty glass shower doors. However, I’ve got two simple little tricks that will help you prevent a large majority of the water spots from ever appearing! Could you use some tips for How to Prevent Water Spots on Shower Doors? There is another head shaving article over at Sir Hare that will give you more tips and tricks. Be careful when there is no guard because you can and most likely will nick yourself. You can pour a cleaning mixture inside and leave it hanging in the shower. A little swish of your finger across the face of this Raincan will release any deposits inside the shower head, and they’ll flow out the next time you turn the head on. Apply Flashing to the Walls – Using a little silicone caulk, adhere the flashing to walls in the corners.

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Other methods of wetting your hair: splashing with hot water (minimum 30 seconds, preferably 2 minutes); using a moist, wet cloth and letting it sit on your head for a couple of minutes before using the razor. I like to turn on the water to hot and let it run for a minute or two to really get out any more hard water deposits. Apply a shaving lubricant and get it worked in as well as possible. When you’re ready to start shaving, get your head as wet as possible. Just try to get is as short as possible. If you are ready, here are the best electric shavers to get you started. You can have a barber trim it down to stubble, or do it yourself with an electric razor or set of Hair Clippers . Depending on how long your hair is, you might want to start with a guard on the clippers. The first shave you’ll want to start with clippers.

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Shave hair that is softer or lighter first. If you shave after a shower, your hair will be softer and easier to cut. It doesn’t have to be cut perfectly evenly. If you leave it this way it’s more of a buzz cut rather than a shaved head. Raise the plastic bag up to the shower head while it’s still connected. Start by cleaning your shower doors thoroughly. Use your dominant hand and start from the top and travel down towards your neck. Use the biggest guard first and work your way down to the smallest. First off, your hair has to be trimmed down to stubble. Each pass you’ll want to rinse off the razor and feel with your opposite hand for patches of hair. Shave areas that have coarser or stiffer hair last (like the back of the head). It doesn’t go away and forms a stubborn stain that looks like a filthy droplet.

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